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began his career in 2008 under the influence

of his admiration for Marcel Duchamp, Francis Bacon and

Paul Klee. After bolting out of his conservative family

home in East LA. He studied psychology after high school

but quickly found his true calling in his street wear

brand Kaviar & Cigarettes while exploring the

subcultures of Venice Beach, before the nomadic creative

found himself in New York City. Today his mark can be

found in both popular and unassuming locations - the

striking logo, "freeface", is a signature emblem

representing the freedom to live life as you see it


In 2016, Marcarson began painting and was offered a

gallery space near MoMA PS1. This is when he started NOT

FOR THEM, an art house/concept gallery of his own works,

which quickly gained recognition among artists and

collectors. He has worked with countless brands,

institutions and agencies; He collaborated with media

outlets such as magazine High Snobiety or Boiler Room;

in 2019, Marc Jacobs commissioned his artwork & vision

for their perfume "Daisy".

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